Stabbin Cabin Meats was also established in 2016 by Seamus and Liam Culhane.

Stabbin’ Cabin Meats came from a desire to bring locally grown, locally harvested meat to our own families and our friends’ families. We did not grow up on a farm nor a ranch. But, after a few years of practicing law needing a country escape, we started breeding and raising livestock. We discovered something that people in the Midwest have known for years. Just like farm fresh eggs and home-grown tomatoes have a different taste, texture, and quality than what you buy in stores or order in restaurants, it matters where and how cuts of meat originate.

Dakota Signature Meats was established in 2016 by Michael Fast. Michael was raised on the family farm – and from a very young age, took interest in every area of the cattle operation. After college he pursued his dream to bring quality beef directly to consumers. He’s always taken pride in his hard work. In only 5 years, Dakota Signature Meats had grown into a full family business with satisfied consumers all over the country.

In 2021, owners Seamus Culhane, Liam Culhane and Nic Ahmann of Stabbin Cabin acquired Dakota Signature Meats to offer both the same quality beef and cuts – along with their specially prepared meat products. 

In spring 2024, Dakota Signature Meats rebrands and is now know as 1889 Meat Co. and continues to offer premium South Dakota raised beef delivered from the farm to your front door.