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Bison New York Strip

Bison New York Strip

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Bison New York Strip Steaks.  These buffalo steaks are thick cut so they hold heat when properly seared like the thick tuna steak.  The overall steak size may vary depending on the animal and resulting loin so these are priced per pound but packaged individually and are ready to grill.  Pair it with a dusting of Meat Church seasoning and you'll have something even your in-laws will admit is unbelievable.  The only way to ruin them is to over-cook them, so have a thermometer ready.  All bison steaks and burger maintain a deep red color much longer than beef even when properly cooked, so if you cook them until the center is warm and pink, it is probably too late!

Weights are approx 0.4-0.9lb per steak.

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