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Bison Fillet

Bison Fillet

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Bison filet, also known as the tenderloin filet, is the most tender and flavorful cut of bison we offer.  Check around because our competitors sell these for buffalo steaks for over $60 per pound!  And, there is a reason that the filet mignon are sold out everywhere you look.  True meat aficionados know that buffalo filet steaks are unbeatable, melt-in-your-mouth wateringly good, and really hard to come by!  Properly served with a simple sear and light dusting of your favorite steak seasoning, no one will be asking for ketchup.  We reserve these meat truffles for our best customers, so even though our prices are much cheaper, its not easy getting on that list!

*Approximate weight is 0.3-0.6lb per steak.

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